Source: TechCrunch

Several people were expecting Google – the search giant – to release a news feed. The format of the feed of the search company is selected for users by their friends or the personalization software. The format suits the way the users use their mobile phones. In comparison, the search result lists make more sense on the desktop, notes news site The Slate.

Comparison between Google’ and Facebook’ feed start just after the launch

It was this Wednesday when the ads giant released a vastly expanded version of a feature in its mobile search app, which it dubbed ‘the feed.’ In the main Google app, the feed starts just under the search bar on both iOS and Android. The report by news site The Slate notes that the search company previewed the feed on its Android app to relatively little fanfare in December, possibly because it looked a little like a reconfigured version of “Google Now.”

The Slate added “While that version focused mainly on things like sports scores and weather updates, the new version draws in news stories and blog posts from around the web based on your search history.”

Also, we were expecting that the feed by Google would be compared with the popular news feed of the social media giant, which is the standard-bearer for the format of the feed. Hence, when the internet giant finally launched its news feed, a number of posts started explaining what the feed of the search giant has in common with the feed of the social media giant and how they both differ from each other.

Is Google’s feed similar to Facebook’s feed?

The feed of the search giant is not as lively as the feed of Facebook due to obvious reasons and we think Google’s feed would never have the similar hype that Facebook’s or Instagram’s or Snapchat’s feed have. In addition to this, the feed of the search giant will not be able to solve the fake news or the filter bubble problem or any other issue that Facebook is censured for.

However when compared with Apple News, the feed of the internet giant could actually be much better due to better personalization. Both feeds use a different place and different use case in the online media sphere and they are different to Facebook’s feed. Facebook, which is a social app, has both news and social affairs on its feed. Facebook dominates its space but Apple News and Google’s feed are all about news and information. They have little audience in comparison to Facebook but their online news is personalized. The recommendation by Google on its feed are much more about the user’s interest like Fox News, Social Media, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Any celebrity news, Elon Musk, Badminton, etc.