Source: Startup Hyderabad

In a blog post recently, Kickstarter CEO and co-founder – Yancey Strickler – said that he is going to step down from his role at the company. Now, the android app is actively looking for a replacement. The other two-cofounders of Kickstarter – Perry Chen and Charles Adler – are not working in operational roles at the company as well.

It was time to move on: Strickler

Around three years ago in 2013, the co-founder Charles Adler left the company and in 2014, Perry Chen left his position of Chief executive officer of the company. However, Chen is still holding the position of the chairperson. Strickler notes in his post that he has spent the last twelve years of his life working for the company and he thinks it is time for him to move on.

Strickler wrote, “Since 2014 when I became CEO, we made several great leaps: tripling the total dollars pledged to projects, launching Kickstarter to creators in 16 countries, and building an exceptional team of leaders at every level. Now we’re looking for someone who can push us to make our next great leaps.”

This year will be the eighth straight profitable years for Kickstarter in the future, according to the Chief Executive. In the meantime, the company announced only recently that it is bringing messages to its Android app now.

Kickstarter’s android app brings messaging service

In its blog post, the company says, “Some great news for Android fans: Starting today, we’re bringing our messaging tools to our Android app. And we’re doing it in a new way. Since we built this just for mobile, we designed a layout that’s similar to the way you’re used to seeing conversations on your phone.” The user has to just go to the main menu, go to their profile and tap the envelope icon and they will be able to read and respond to the user’s messages.

The blog further added, “One of the best things about Kickstarter is the connections it builds — the ability for backers to communicate directly with favorite creators who are making amazing things. Our messaging tools are a key part of that, and we’re happy to be rolling them out to Android users today.”