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Facebook – the social media giant – is hiking its competition with photo-sharing app Snapchat by allowing public figures and social media stars to post Stories publicly. In March, when Facebook Stories released worldwide, one could only share to all their friends or subset of them, however, now if the user allows public followers, they can post their Story publicly so anyone can watch.

How to publicly share Facebook Stories?

Carlos Gil, a social media researcher, pointed out the privacy feature before and now in an interview to news site TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson said, “This is something we rolled out a few weeks ago. The Public setting allows your Followers to see your story, in addition to your Friends.” The spokesperson added that there is no specific timing on if or when the Pages will be able to post Stories.

Facebook Stories through public sharing will get the potential to popularize or mint internet celebrities the same way the Instagram and Snapchat Stories can. Making a Facebook Story public is pretty easy, the user has to first tap on the “Add To Story” button on the home screen, and then post a video or photo. They can then view their own Story and tap the three dots that represent the “more” button in the top right. They can then open “Edit Story Settings” and change from “Friends” to “Public”.

The Facebook Stories – all that have been posted within the last 24 hours – and any that they share after that will be visible to anyone and everyone publicly. To see the names of friends who have seen and viewed the Story, they can tap on the viewer count. There, they will see the count of all their friends as well as the count of all the additional followers who saw it without their names.

Privacy options available on different Stories products

The social networking site has shared the rapid traction of Instagram Stories proudly. Instagram as well as the social networking site have more than 250 million daily users, which makes them larger than the photo and video sharing app – Snapchat that has only 166 million daily users for its whole app and has seen growth slowdown since the companies owned by the social media giant released.

Here are privacy options available on different Stories products –

Facebook Stories: Custom, Friends, Public

 Snapchat Stories: Custom, My Friends, Everyone

Instagram Stories: Approved followers for private accounts, everyone for public accounts, and hiding from specific people

WhatsApp Status: Custom, My Contacts, My Contacts except…

Messenger Day: Custom, Everyone with permission to message the user