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According to a report from iHelp BR, the iPhone 8 of Apple – the iPhone making giant – will have a face scanner and the iPhone maker wants to make it work so that the user does not have to look directly at it. The iPhone 8 is the upcoming iPhone of the Silicon Valley giant which is the tenth anniversary smartphone that will be coming out this September.

What is the technology about?

The face-scanning technologies have been in the world for quite some time now, however, even more advanced devices such as the Galaxy S8 of the South-Korean smartphone maker require that users hold the phone in front of their eyes.

Holding the phone in front of the eyes can be impractical sometimes. Developers have continued to find the secret inside the leaked code of the software of the HomePod speaker. This software had information about the “iPhone 8.” The developers found references to things like “com.accessibility.resting.pearl.unlock” and “AXRestingPearlUnlock. “PearlID” is apparently the code name of the technology.

According to reports, the new iPhone will dump Touch ID so the tech giant wants its replacement to be accurate as possible and these new lines of code suggest that the face scanner of the device may be able to identify its owner securely no matter where they are looking. Touch ID is the signature fingerprint scanner of the Cupertino-based iPhone making giant.

Apple could be preparing a new Apple TV

Other code that strings developer found include “PEARL_AUTOLOCK” as well as “APPS_USING_PEARL”. The former suggests that some applications may become accessible only through face detection whereas “Pearl Autolock” may only refer to a feature that keeps unrecognized users out. The latter may simply block access to people the smartphone does not know.

Several revelations have come out of the HomePod firmware, including other “iPhone 8” details and the recent discovery that the iPhone making giant is likely preparing a new Apple TV with HDR support and 4K support.