Source: Capital FM

Facebook – the social media giant – has a new home for original video content now. This video content is produced exclusively for the social networking site by partners. These partners will earn 55% of ad break revenue while the tech giant will keep only 45%.

What is the Watch Tab about?

The “Watch” tab as well as a few dozen original shows will begin rolling out to a small group of users of the United States tomorrow on the TV app, desktop app and mobile app of the social media giant. The social network could boost ad revenue by hosting original programming and give the people a reason to return to the News Feed often for content that they cannot get anywhere else.

The Watch tab features personalized recommendation of recorded and live shows to watch as well as categories such as “What’s Making People Laugh,” “Shows Your Friends Are Watching” and “Most Talked About.” The publishers can share their shows to the News Feed as well to assist people in discovering them. A Watchlist feature allows the user to subscribe to updates on new episodes of their favorite shows.

The fans can connect with each other and creators through an amazing new feature, which links shows to Groups. According to the statement made by the social media giant, it is planning to roll out access to Watch to more users and more content creators very soon. This can start with the rest of the country – the U.S. – before expanding to users in other parts of the world.

Hundreds of shows at launch, hope to scale to thousands: Facebook

The social media giant will give access to a TV-shaped Watch button in the bottom navigation bar of its main app. The said Watch button will open the new video hub. According to the social networking site they have funded some shows as examples as well. The tech company notes that these are only a small part of all the available shows.

In an interview to news site TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson says, “We want any publisher/creator who is interested to be able to create a show in the future.” The Facebook representative adds, “So there will be hundreds of shows at launch, and we’ll hopefully scale to thousands.”

Earlier today, another news site – Business Insider – reported a few leaked details about the redesign, however, the news site pegged the release of original programming as starting from August 28th. The shows are actually slated to roll out tomorrow.