Source: Nerd's Magazine

The redesigned Trending Topics section of the social networking site, codenamed Trending News, is now available widely on mobile for Android and iPhone users in the United States. This gives users a central location for all the aggregation efforts of the social media giant after a tough year of facing questions on how it is going to battle Fake News.

Facebook taking a more acceptable approach to news

It was in May, when the announcement of a redesign of the Trending Topics section came when the tech giant disclosed a new look for its news section that focused more on providing a wider range of publications and giving users something that appeared less partisan.

When you tap on the Trending News button now, you will see a numbered list of stories ordered by how many shares, comments and likes the topic is getting across the application. The Trending News button has its own dedicated placement in the main navigation bar that is only for iOS now.

If you tap on one subject, say the latest episode of GOT, you will see a list of stories from different publishers as well as posts, photos, and videos from popular celebrities and other public pages. According to the social networking site, it does not control which stories appear or which outlets show up. In May, the social media giant said in its explanation that it orders the list by factors only, like “the engagement around the article on Facebook, the engagement around the publisher overall, and whether other articles are linking to it.”

Currently, we do not know how the tech giant is planning to fight false news, misleading stories and hoaxes from popular pages that are dominating the list without human editors.

Facebook marketplace is available in 17 European countries

If the social media giant wants to handles news in the correct way, the changes brought by it are a cleanly designed, sensible and much needed response. The product by the tech giant is a much more accepted and considerate way of aggregating news, mostly because it is devoid of all human input.

In another news, the social media giant has released Marketplace in more countries now. The social media giant had launched the Craigslist-like platform, which allows the people to buy and sell things, to only a handful of countries, including the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, the US, Mexico and Australia.

Now, the service is being expanded to Europe and the roll out has started in over 17 countries across the continent. The overall list of those countries includes –

  • Belgium,
  • Austria,
  • The Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,
  • France,
  • Finland,
  • Germany,
  • Hungary,
  • Italy,
  • Norway,
  • Spain,
  • Ireland,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Netherlands,
  • Sweden,
  • Portugal, and
  • Switzerland