Source: Capital FM

Facebook – the social media giant – will be introducing a few updates over the next few weeks to its News Feed on mobile and desktop to make News Feed easier and clearer to navigate. Comments within a post are going to look a little different now.

Facebook News Feed is now receiving tweaks

The comments within a post will now appear similar to chat bubbles as well as replies to specific comments will be indented to make it certain that they are not a response to the general post. In addition to this, the text color contrast will be amped up to make posts easier to read. Larger link previews and larger Share, Comment, and Like buttons will make the features easier to read as well as easier to select.

Profile pictures are now in a round rather that a square box in other social media platforms, hence, the social networking site is also applying the same technique and introducing the round picture format for its social media platform.

In addition to this, there are tweaks that make it simpler to see what a link is before the user even clicks on it. It will soon be easier for the user to know whose post they are in and which comment they are replying to. With a redesigned back button, which will be more noticeable, getting back to the News Feed will be more obvious. Also, the notification button will be a bell instead of a globe now.

Instagram also getting redesigns for readability

The changes made by the social media giant look like they are going to make streaming the News Feed of the social media platform much easier and simpler soon. The social network updates its design quite frequently, mostly to remove less important things like user interface framing or “chrome” to create a more readable and sleeker look.

Now, one can see more white space on the tech giant’s social media platform than before. This could be intended to allow the content of the user’s friends to pop off the screen more vividly and to reduce eye fatigue during long browsing sessions. The design team of the social network says “we did not want to just fiddle at the edges, but rather make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating.” Over the next few weeks, both the photo-sharing app Instagram and Facebook will roll out to all Android and iOS users.