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The iPhone could come as soon as September 12, according to the reports of Bloomberg. The news outlet reports that the new 4K Apple TV could be unveiled at the next Apple Event, and that the iPhone maker wants a $50 for early home movies.

Apple to launch three phones in September

The Silicon Valley giant is poised to launch the next version of the iPhone and a revamped Apple TV in the coming weeks. The tech giant is keeping silent on any new devices until launching them on stage, however, several leaks have offered some clues on what is in store from the iPhone making giant this fall.

The tech giant not invited any journalists for its traditional late-summer iPhone event yet so we are not certain when the company is going to make these announcements. If the previous years have taught us anything then it is that the Silicon Valley giant is going to make the reveal during the first or the second week of next month. Several leaks have indicated that the tech giant is not releasing only one or two but three new iPhone models. The Silicon Valley giant is expected to release a new premium-priced iPhone 8 in addition to the revamped versions of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

According to a recent report of the New York Times, the new premium-priced iPhone 8 model may cost as much as $1,000. Customers can anticipate to get better-looking and bigger screen with 3D facial recognition, which can work in low-lighting situations as well because of an infrared camera, and thinner bezels for that price.

Apple may reveal a new version of its Apple TV app

As per leaks, the new model will be leaving behind the traditional home button. The lack of the traditional home button would make it possible for Apple to extend the screen of the iPhone close to the bottom of the device. The price of $1000 is a lot for a smartphone but it is not unprecedented because most of the wireless customers will have to pay $960 for the base model of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In addition to this, they will have to pay more if they want any added storage.

According to recent reports, the normal-priced versions of the iPhone that may possibly be codenamed the 7S and 7S Plus will get a speedier processor and wireless charging as well. In 2015, the Silicon Valley giant first introduced an Apple TV that was capable of running the full App Store and that TV is still due for a refresh. Now, sources in the industry have suggested that the next version of the Apple TV will support both HDR and 4K. This was confirmed by Bloomberg this week as well. Also, the tech giant may introduce a new version of its TV app, which will add aggregation of live streams.