Source: The Indian Express

On Sunday, the Cupertino-based smartphone maker announced the date of the launch event of its next iPhone, which is September 12. The next iPhone is anticipated to be priced around $1,000, which is more than any of its predecessors.

RBC Capital Markets survey reveals what customers want the most in the iPhone

Because of the new design and new screen, the investors of Apple Inc. are expecting a “Supercycle” of phone upgrades. The flagship feature of the iPhone 8 is expected to be an OLED screen that takes up almost the complete front of the device. However, a new survey from RBC Capital Markets shows that the customers of the tech giant did not really care about the new feature – the OLED screen.

The survey by RBC Capital Markets found that customers are more likely to upgrade their current phones for more storage, an improved camera, a more powerful processor, or wireless charging before a new screen. The bezel-less screen is the most attractive feature that is rumored to be on the new iPhone, according to the 6% of respondents. However, 35% of respondents said that wireless charging was the most attractive feature.

Over 1,138 current iPhone users were reached for the RBC survey and it found that around 65% of them are considering buying the new phone. Many respondents bought an iPhone over one to two years ago, with around 33% of the users surveyed using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus currently. In addition to this, the tech giant is expected to release an update to the iPhone 7 at the launch. The update to the iPhone 7 is expected to be priced lower than the brand-new model.

What the survey didn’t cover?

The high price of the iPhone may deter some potential customers and users because only 22% of the people who were surveyed said that they would spend more than $800 for their next phone. In addition to this, only 14% of the users who responded to the survey said that they would buy the phone outright, with most of them saying that they would apply for some kind of payment plan through Apple or their wireless carrier.

The survey does not cover international or non-iOS users, notes RBC, so overall demand might change based on the intentions of those who were not surveyed by RBC. “RBC thinks the next iPhone will sell really well, and raised its price target with the release of the survey up by $4 to $180. RBC rates Apple a buy,” notes Market Insider.

Apple has seen a growth of 41.51% this year.