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The complete damage to Texas from floods was not even fully under control until the 27th of August when several social media posts started to spread. Those posts alerted readers to a change in Texas law around insurance claims in the event of weather damage.

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The flood is still not under complete control so it is hard to estimate the scale of property damage but it will be in the billions of dollars. The 15 trillion gallons of water has so far fallen on the Houston area, which has flooded thousands of businesses and homes and businesses.

A Facebook user posted, “EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, the laws governing insurance claims in Texas will change to your detriment. To take advantage of current law, YOU MUST FILE YOUR CLAIM, IN WRITING, BY THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, regardless of whether your damage occurred before that date. That is, it does not matter if your DAMAGE occurred before the effective date. To take advantage of current law you must actually file a claim by Thursday. It must be (1) IN WRITING, and (2) SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT DAMAGE YOU ARE CLAIMING OCCURRED.”

The user further told that the changes were made by H.B. 1774. “The provisions,” noted the user, “in that bill hamper your ability to challenge your insurance company if they slow pay, low pay, or deny your claim.” The user added that the said law is making it even more difficult for the user to get the insurance companies to pay what they are supposed to pay when they are supposed to pay it.

Texans: be sure to file for #Harvey relief before Sept 1: Joaquin Castro

Glen Maxey, Former Texas state representative, wrote “In the 2017 Legislative Session, a majority of your state lawmakers changed the laws which help property owners recover losses after a storm like Harvey and hampered your ability to hold your insurance company accountable if they slow pay, low pay, or no pay.”

The new insurance law will make it harder for a person to get insurance companies to pay what they are supposed to pay when they are supposed to pay it. Rep. Joaquín Castro asked the residents of Texas, who are affected by Tropical Storm Harvey, on 29 August to file their claims before 1 September:

On the micro-blogging giant, he wrote, “Texans: be sure to file for #Harvey relief before Sept 1. #TXlege passed a bill making it harder to dispute weather-related property claims.” It will be difficult for the flood affected people to request indemnification or be in a position to do this. On 26 May 2017, the law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott.