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The Cupertino-based iPhone maker – Apple Inc. – will be holding its first event at the new Steve Jobs Theater on 12 September in Cupertino, California. The tech giant is expected to introduce an entirely new design for its iPhone and set the tone for the next few years.

Apple to hold the event next week – on 12th September

The tech company will hold a press event to reveal its much anticipated new iPhones that will introduce a whole new design. Thanks to the huge software leak from the tech giant, more is known about at least one of the new iPhones unlike the last several years, where we had to wait for the event to know the complete details.

Now, we know several key details of the new iPhone. However, new smartphones are not the only new thing that the tech giant is expected to announce, there are other things as well – notably the Apple Watch and the Apple TV. The smartphone maker is expected to announce a new design for at least one of the new iPhones this year.

The details about the device dubbed “D22” are still not complete, but leak from the Silicon Valley company disclosed about its features and design. In addition to this, the device codenamed “D22” could be called the iPhone Pro, iPhone 8, or maybe the iPhone X.

Key changes:

  • The smartphone maker is expected to remove the traditional home button on the front, with much slimmer bezels and the screen extending to the edges at the bottom, top and sides of the device.
  • Further, the top of the iPhone could have a cutout in the screen for the selfie camera, sensors and earpiece speaker.
  • The device may not have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front.
  • For its primary biometric system for the upcoming iPhone, the iPhone making giant is expected to depend on infrared facial recognition.
  • According to leaks, the device will be able to make out when a user is looking at it and will automatically silence notifications.
  • The tech giant could integrate more advanced systems for its much-popular camera, including enhancement of its computation photography system and augmented reality.
  • The iPhone 8 is expected to include wireless charging as an important feature as well. This will surely some strong rivals of the Cupertino-based smartphone making giant.

Other Apple News –

  • A revised version of the Apple Watch is expected at the event
  • According to rumors, a new version of the Apple Watch may include 4G cellular connectivity
  • The tech giant could release a 4K version of its Apple TV streaming box as well