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There are still many rumors about the name of the next smartphone of Apple that will be launched on the 12th of September. Will the iPhone be called ‘iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone 8’? Today we are going to discuss just that and come to a conclusion.

Here’s what the next iPhone will be called

According to the information from news site 9to5mac, the China-based case makers are adamant that the upcoming smartphone will be dubbed the iPhone Edition. A completely different name – the iPhone X – has been suggested by a new report from Dutch site iCulture.

iCulture’s report cites a “reliable source” that works for an unnamed global telecom provider and the said source accurately predicted the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with exact release dates. The Cupertino-based smartphone maker is expected to release three phones at its September 12 event and out of those three, two phones will just be additional updates to the iPhone 7 that was launched last year. The third smartphone is expected to be a special edition model that will be brought in celebration of the 10-year anniversary. According to the report, the third phone will be called the iPhone X, which several others said would be dubbed “iPhone 8.”

According to the article, the other phones will be called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, instead of the previously rumored names of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

What about the iPhone Edition?

It is also not certain if the premium model will be called the iPhone X, iPhone Edition, or iPhone 8. The most expensive Apple Watch model was dubbed the Apple Watch Edition so there is a chance that the next iPhone will be iPhone Edition. Also, the letter ‘X’ was used by the tech company to denote 10 in MacOS versions, so there is a chance for iPhone X as well.

However, multiple blogging sites as well experts have used the name ‘iPhone 8’ to discuss the upcoming device so there is more weightage for iPhone 8. Well, the truth will be disclosed next week so there is no need to worry. Wait for 12th September and until then keep reading the other tech-related news.