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Alcraft Motor Company has recently unveiled its first electric car – the Alcraft GT – that is a high-performance car producing 600bhp and 840lb ft go torque that will enable it to go from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds. This means that this EV could challenge the popular electric cars that are present in the market today.

Things you should know about the Alcraft GT – British electric car

The standard battery of the car will produce 300 miles of range and there is no information about any long-range version being added to the car. The EV could challenge the affordable and very popular electric car of Tesla Inc. – the Model 3 – that has 310 miles of range. The shooting brake of Alcraft GT enables a 500-litre boot capacity.

In addition to this, the two-seater can be made into a four seater if you wanted more practicality. It will have torque vectoring, four-wheel drive and be lightweight in addition to the impressive power the electric car produces. The looks of the car are quite striking with the larger practical rear and the sporty front end.

There is a central tablet-like touchscreen inside the EV which eliminates most of the conventional buttons as well as the virtual cockpit of the car. David Alcraft, Alcraft Motor founder and managing director, said, “We want to build a British car company which brings together traditional skills and high technology for the emerging low carbon car market.”

Alcraft Motor unveils first design

David Alcraft added, “We’re about combining great design, outstanding dynamics and the visceral thrill of electric powertrains to create products that are high in performance and desirability but very usable. We hope this will establish a niche For Alcraft Motor in Britain’s renowned specialist low-volume car industry.”

Currently, the team is based at the Silverstone Park Innovation Centre in Towchester. The team is developing the technology of EV at the same place. Michelin and Continental are two partners of the company that should assist in providing automotive expertise to the project. However, the project is still under development as there is no complete prototype yet so Elon Musk does not have to worry. To help in making the car come to fruition, the automaker is crowd funding the project.