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Apple – the Cupertino-based smartphone maker – and Accenture – the IT consulting and outsourcing specialist – have partnered to help the former company in enterprise push of iPad. This deal will soon see Apple employees sitting in the offices of Accenture worldwide.

Apple and Accenture to work together

The employees of the tech company will work with the consultancy to create iOS versions of custom applications and systems of Accenture for their clients. Also, the employees of the Silicon Valley giant will create migration services to get older code running on iPhones and iPads. Accenture will be using the iOS platform of the Cupertino-based iPhone maker to control internet-of-things templates and code that it provides customers, including the ability to control some Accenture IoT with custom or exisiting iOS apps, says the IT consulting and outsourcing specialist.

Pierre Nanterme, the Chief Executive Officer of Accenture, said “Based on our experience in developing mobile apps, we believe that iOS is the superior mobile platform for businesses and are excited to be partnering with Apple.”

He added, “By combining Accenture’s vast digital capabilities and industry expertise with Apple’s market leadership in creating products that delight customers, we are in a perfect position to help our clients transform the way they work.”

We can continue to modernize how businesses work: Cook

The two companies are hoping that the result will be a new set of custom apps from Accenture that can allow the Silicon Valley giant to sell more iPhones and iPads to business customers, probably in bulk orders.

The IT consulting and outsourcing specialist will create a dedicated iOS practice within Accenture Digital Studios in some selected locations around the world and employees of the tech giant will be co-located with this team The two companies, while working together, will release a new set of services and tools that assist the enterprise clients in transforming how they engage with customers using iPad and iPhone. The experts will include programmers, hardware and software designers, visual and experience designers, data architects and scientists.

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of the tech giant, said “Starting 10 years ago with iPhone, and then with iPad, Apple has been transforming how work gets done, yet we believe that businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of what they can do with our products.” He added, “Both Apple and Accenture are leaders in building incredible user experiences and together we can continue to truly modernize how businesses work