Source: Nissan UK

Nissan – a Japan-based automaker – unveiled its all-new electric car the Leaf on Tuesday evening at an event in Japan. The Leaf is one of the recent electric cars to enter the list of cars that will compete with the affordable and very popular electric car of Tesla Inc. – Model 3.

Leaf boasts a feature that consumers will be attracted to

Many other car making companies have being trying to influence the loyal customers of Tesla and make their name in the electric car business worldwide but have been unsuccessful. In a recent note, Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds Executive Director of Industry Analysis, said “With the launch of the Tesla Model 3, the new BMW i3 and now the new Nissan Leaf, suddenly car shoppers have several compelling reasons to give an EV a try.”

She added that car making companies are increasingly trying to give drivers the feel of future models that their electric car – the Leaf – can do. The autonomous technology ProPILOT Assist of Leaf will give mainstream car buyers an early sense of the kinds of technology that they can anticipate from future electric vehicles. Caldwell said, “If the range goes up and the price remains the same, the new Nissan Leaf will continue to offer one of the least expensive and practical ways to own a pure electric car.”

She said that it will be sufficient to get the attention of most mainstream electric car buyers. The price of Lead, which is coming out next year, is expected to start under $30,000. Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000, meaning $5000 more than the Leaf but it carries the name of Tesla and Elon Musk with it. In addition to this, the Leaf will get about 150 miles on a full charge.

Tesla loyal fan Ben Sullins develops another tool for the Model 3

Ben Sullins, a YouTuber who runs an online community and a channel dedicated to Tesla, has made yet another amazing tool for the new affordable electric car of the U.S.-based automaker – the Model 3.

The calculator takes into account the configuration price quote, personal loan plan, driving habits as well as insurance rates to accurately assess what are the overall monthly costs for the Model 3, including expenses for using the supercharger network of Tesla Inc.

The calculator takes into account the range capabilities, personal driving and commuting habits as well as the efficiency of Model 3 to provide the estimates. You can check your monthly cost here.