The electric car maker – Tesla Motors – is planning to expand its Supercharger network as it intends to build higher end retail locations that may be called “Mega Superchargers” – the name the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk used. According to the CEO, those locations are “really big supercharging locations with a bunch of amenities.”

Is Tesla planning to start a new venture?

The CEO had said that the locations would include great food, great restrooms, amenities and a cool place to hang out for half an hour and then be on one’s way. The most recent move of building such retail locations makes sense given the hype of electric cars, Superchargers and Tesla itself. Currently, the Superchargers of Tesla are located through the United States and other countries and they provide the fastest rate of recharging available to owners of Tesla EVs.

However, the station can have varying numbers of charging stalls and they are not always located in the best area to pass the time while the electric vehicle gets charged. Additional superchargers will be needed with more electric cars hitting the road in the future and more affordable EVs (the Model 3 and hopefully the Model Y) getting delivered. Building a retail outlet can satisfy the customers as well as enhance the ownership experience for Tesla Motors. In addition to this, it can open new opportunities for the electric car making giant.

But if the automaker is planning to build rich retail locations then should it partner with Starbucks or Amazon to develop the locations and to offer great food, shopping and other entertainment facilities or should it start its own retail outlet under the “Tesla name?”

Tesla sends batteries and solar-driven systems to aid people in Puerto Rico

Tesla employees are repairing solar-driven systems and installing batteries in Puerto Rico, according to Puerto Rico. As per reports of news site Bloomberg, the electric carmaker has been shipping hundreds of its Powerwall battery packs to the country since the island was hit by Hurricane Maria. The battery is made for houses that store energy generated by solar panels.

The country is preparing to construct the devastated grid and these cells of Tesla will come in handy to power the recoverable solar network. Over 2.5 million people are currently living without electricity in Puerto Rico and according to estimates of officials, power will not be restored for months in some areas. Mr. Musk has donated over $250,000 to overall relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Richard Branson, who met with representatives of the US and British governments to discuss establishing a green fund, said in an interview to Reuters Foundation “As part of that fund we want to make sure that the Caribbean moves from dirty energy to clean energy. If all that money could be invested in clean energy, in powering the world by the sun and by the wind, where we won’t have to suffer these awful events in the future, how much better than having to patch up people’s houses after they’ve been destroyed?”