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The U.S.-based electric car making giant – Tesla – has itself not given much information about its upcoming electric semi-truck that the CEO Elon Musk calls a “A Tesla Simi” but a leaked image is being shared online that appears to unveil the next big thing of Elon Musk.

Tesla electric semi-truck may have already been revealed

Later this month, Musk, the CEO of Tesla as well as SpaceX, is all set to reveal the new electric semi-trailer truck but it may have been spotted already by some lucky people. On social network, a picture purported to be of the battery-powered semi-truck was posted for a short time then it was pulled down. However, the picture was reposted again to the site later by site moderators.

The users on the reddit thread said that according to the original poster, he got the photo from a friend who was at “an undisclosed place in California where they test Tesla vehicles.” But there is no way to corroborate the story because the reddit user deleted the original post. Even though the automaker has made no posts on the pictures of the semi-truck yet, that would not stop the enterprising photographers from trying to get a few clicks and get lucky.

The image, which was posted on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, allegedly unveiled the side of the Tesla Semi. From the image, we can make out that the truck is either is just product photography or is undergoing testing. The picture which was deleted by the original poster was reposted by another Redditor. This further made it certain the saying “what comes on internet stays on internet.”

Tesla already has competitors in the electric truck production

There is only one picture that is making its rounds on the internet and all you get from the image is a bit of the front end and the side of the cab. The electric semi does not have any sort of massive grille that can be seen on other big rigs but that is expected from an electric truck, isn’t it?

News site The Verge tried to reach the EV making giant but it refused to comment, citing its old policy regarding speculation. In August, Reuters reported that the “truck would be able to drive between 200 and 300 miles on a single charge, which would make it feasible for regional deliveries.”

The EV maker did not immediately respond to a request for comment as well. Officially, we do not know much about the electric truck but we will very soon. The automaker is not the only automaker working on an electric truck. Cummins built a Class 7 semi-truck dubbed “the AEOS”, which is capable of hauling 22 tons. The AEOS, with over 140-kWh of batteries on board, has about 100 miles before it requires a recharge. The production of the electric truck is expected to take place around 2019.