Not very long ago, two CEOs raised a request to Jack Dorsey – the Chief Executive of Twitter – to ban the US President Donald Trump from the social networking site after he began posting some erratic tweets. The proposal of banning Trump has advanced again by the CEO of Project Include – Ellen Pao – and Laura Gomez, the CEO and founder of Atipica.

Will Twitter ban Trump from its social media platform?

The proposal to ban Donald Trump from Twitter was first advanced by two quite popular female Silicon Valley executives. The issue was addressed in an open letter to Jack Dorsey on Inauguration Day, in which they said “Dear @Jack: It’s Time To Suspend Donald Trump From Twitter.”

Gomez is the CEO of Atipica, which is a workplace diversity solutions company. It was Pao who raised the issue again recently on the micro-blogging giant through a tweet, in which she wrote, “ICYMI. Now even more than before, because @twitter and @jack have enabled and encouraged his behavior. Follow your own rules.”

Gomez and Pao have spent over 3 years working at the micro-blogging site. They wrote on the social network, “@realdonaldtrump is bringing out the worst of Twitter — the company, the platform, and its users. He’s using his manipulation skills and your platform to bully others, and to incite supporters to harass people — both on Twitter and in real life. With these abusive messages, he incited others to attack and unleashed a stream of hate, directly violating The Twitter Rules.”

Further they said, “For a long time, internet pundits blamed anonymity for online bullying. But we saw at Trump’s rallies that harassment moves easily from behind the screen to in-person behavior, as his supporters shouted at and physically attacked protesters and reporters. As this behavior escalates from the web and lands in real life, Twitter needs to set an example for other social media platforms by holding its users, and itself, accountable.” Gomez and Pao added, “People’s lives are actually at stake here, and each day our goodwill for Twitter erodes as Trump and his followers overshadow the good of the platform.”

Should Trump be kicked off Twitter?

The co-founder and design director of Mule Design – Mike Montiero – has started a poll asking people if they would like to see him debate Biz Stone, who is a co-founder of Twitter, on whether the U.S. President should be kicked off Twitter?

Montiero, who is a regular on the tech conference circuit, tweeted “Would you be interested in seeing me and @biz on stage with a neutral moderator debate whether Trump should be kicked off Twitter?” Stone, however, dismissed the whole effort put on by Montiero, saying “Y’all pile on us. You really think the issue doesn’t weigh on us? And you’re so dismissive of the Trust and Safety team. We’re all people.”