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The U.S.-based automaker has taken a huge stride towards its ambitions of an all-electric future, according to reports of news site Reuters. The U.S.-based car making company has been planning to roll out two new EVs in the next 18 months. It also intends to add over 20 or probably more hydrogen fuel cells or electric vehicles in its lineup by 2023.

GM has huge plans for electric cars

The U.S.-based automaker is joining many Japanese and European car making companies by doing this. Its competitors from Japan and Europe have promised to speed up development of EVs and pretty much every electric vehicle fan knows that the Elon Musk company has big plans for the electric car sector.

The car making company is planning to hike up the number of electric fast-charging stations in the United States as well. By increasing the number of EVs, it is planning to take on its long-time rival and EV competitor Tesla Inc. The electric cars that are manufactured by other companies will be able to use the charging stations, which are being built by General Motors. You might know that the 951 fast-charging stations, which were built by the EV making giant Tesla Motors, can be used by owners of Tesla EVs only.

The recent proposals by some European and Chinese governments to ban internal combustion engines by 2030 or 2040 has made several global car making companies, including General Motors, invest more of their money and time in producing electric cars. In the U.S. and China, the U.S.-based automaker is getting into the EV market by using money that has come through the sale of sport utility vehicles and gasoline-fueled trucks.

This is how GM plans to overthrow other automakers in the EV market

The automaker has partnered with the South Korea-based battery maker LG Chem to produce Bolt battery system. The Seoul based battery maker will supply the batteries – that will be used in EVs – to General Motors. In addition to this, the car maker is planning to release more than 10 new Electric or hybrid cars aimed for the Chinese market by 2020.

Further, the automaker has hinted that it may be taking new steps to expand infrastructure for quick recharging of electric cars. The company on Monday announced its plans to execute on its commitment to a future with “zero emissions, zero congestion and zero crashes.” According to GM, two new all-electric car will be unveiled over the next 18 months. The automaker also introduced the SURUS – Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure – concept vehicle, an emissions-free, fuel-cell-powered and heavy-duty truck.