In Dubai, Uber is in cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and soon it will provide its customers the opportunity to book the all-electric vehicle. By soon, we mean only two days because coming Tuesday, the residents of Dubai will be able to book an electric vehicle to travel to places they want.

The fare of Model X or Model S is similar to UberBlack

The residents of Dubai would not have to wait for a long time to ride in a Tesla car as the ride sharing company has confirmed that it will be introducing the electric car as of October 10– coming Tuesday. The customers of the transport company will be able to access the service just by downloading the app of the ride-hailing service and selecting the UberOne option.

The people will be able to select between the Model X or Model S, with a fee that is expected to begin at a charge Dh1.9 ($0.50) and base fare Dh10 ($0.50) per kilometer. The fare is similar to UberBlack.  Chris Free, the general manager for Uber UAE, said “We are tremendously excited to be the exclusive ride-hailing partner for this fleet of premium electric vehicles in Dubai, in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation, and for the clean vehicle technology to deliver out driver-partners and riders with more efficient, less-polluting mobility.”

Dubai, which is one of the many cities that offer taxi services today, is also one of the few cities that allow taxi services to use the long-range, fast and super-stylish electric cars. The electric cars do not just offer driver partners and riders a high quality travel experience but also decrease noise and air pollution in local communities. Also, the officials note that in comparison to conventional vehicles, the electric vehicle have much lower per per-mile operating costs.

Mission E of Porsche testing alongside Tesla EVs

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced last year in September that it added the first batch of fifty (50) Tesla electric vehicles to its Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) fleet. The introduction of EVs has come as part of Smart Autonomous Mobility Strategy of Dubai that is aimed at transforming one-fourth of overall journeys in Dubai into autonomous journeys by 2030 and turn the city into the smartest city in mobility across the world by 2020.

There is a good chance that “this is the electric car Porsche hopes to throw down against Tesla,” according to news site TechCrunch. For several years, the automaker – Porsche – has talked about this vehicle, which is dubbed Mission E in previous concepts, but the recent photos are the first photos of the production car. The images, which were captured outside of a Porsche facility in Stuttgart, Germany, show a vehicle that does not have the radical design language, which was earlier found on the concept. According to the carmaker, the Mission E will hit the market by 2019 and will be priced similarly to the Panamera.