Google – the search giant – and all the retailers in possibly the whole world have one problem in common that is Inc. Amazon, the U.S.-based online retailing giant, has increased the competition in the market to a new level through its amazing technology and incredible strategies.

Google and Target serious about competing against Amazon

Now, as it looks like, both Google and the retailers have started acting they are quite serious about working together to fight against the online retailing giant. The search giant – Google Inc. – and Target announced on Thursday that they are expanding their partnership from a small experiment in a few number of cities to the entire continental U.S.

The expansion of the two companies would let Target become a retail partner in the voice-shopping initiative of the search giant. Google’s voice-shopping initiative allows Google Home “smart” speaker owners to order items through voice commands. The owners of the Echo can do the similar function from Amazon. This announcement came over seven weeks after the popular retailer – Walmart – signed a similar deal with the ads giant to provide hundreds of thousands of products through the service. Other big retailers such as Home Depot are on board as well.

The core of the given announcements was voice commerce and someday, it may even become popular for different types of shopping. The company promised that Target is starting to work with the ads giant to create “innovative digital experiences using … other cutting-edge technologies to elevate Target’s strength in style areas such as home, apparel and beauty.” In a press release, Mike McNamara – the digital chief of Target – said “Target ​and ​Google ​teams ​are ​working ​on … building ​experiences ​that digitally ​replicate ​the ​joy ​of ​shopping ​a ​Target ​store ​to ​discover ​stylish ​and ​affordable ​products.”

Google wants to give shoppers the benefits of AR

According to a Target spokesperson, it is too early to offer details on future partnerships between the companies. Greg Jones, the director of augmented reality at Google, said at the Shoptalk Europe conference this week that retailers should work together with the search giant because their interests align with that of the tech giant.

Jones, while agreeing that Amazon was posing a threat to retailers, admitted that the online retailer is a threat to the search giant as well “since a lot of people are going to Amazon first when it comes to product search.” The tech company Google would be building its own augmented-reality apps focused on the retail world, said Jones. One goal of this initiative is to give the shoppers the benefits of AR features “without requiring them to download a different app for every retailer they frequent,” said Jones in a short interview after his presentation.