For a long time, all the social media giant – Facebook Inc. – wanted was the attention of the teen audience. Now, it looks like the social networking site is on its way to get the attention of all teenagers through its recent acquisition of TBH.

Haven’t heard of TBH yet? Here’s all information about the popular app

TBH was once an anonymous gossip app, which was short for “to be honest.” The app was popular among the teens, however, because they found it cool. TBH is a good app as both parents and teens like it. Recently, the app announced that it has been bought by the technology company, which is none other than the social media giant.

Facebook purchasing an app like TBH is not surprising given its increasing importance to teen audience. This summer the rise of the TBH app to the top of the free app chart was fast and the application had stayed on the top for weeks along with apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook.

Out of those four apps, all but one are already under acquisition of the tech giant and pretty much all of us know how hard the social networking site has tried to acquire the photo-sharing app Snapchat as well. The app “To Be Honest” has 4 million daily active users now. Back in September, a TBH founder told Select All that their inbox is the “who’s-who of Silicon Valley investors.” Finally, we know who one of those Silicon Valley investors was and who was the “who’s who” that the TBH founder was talking about – Mark Zuckerberg.

The acquisition of TBH would be good for Facebook

The TBH founder had said then that they were getting approached by tons of companies who were interested in partnering with them or acquiring them. The acquisition of the teen-gossip app would assist the social media giant in moving into a space where the company has struggled since ages.

Apps like the photo-sharing app Instagram have influenced people of all ages through the introduction of Instagram Stories whereas the social networking site has not been able to attend to the teen market yet. The social media platform bought Lifestage from the App Store this summer because no one was actually introduced to it. Lifestage is a social-media platform that is geared exclusively toward teens. The app TBH has enough teenage attention already and it would not take much time for Facebook to get more attention.

The tech giant, which is probably just looking for an interesting feature or an app for an infusion to Facebook resources, will just hike that teen attention.