Whether or not you are working for the iPhone making giant, you should know the reason why the Cupertino-based company recently fired its employee. The smartphone maker has fired dismissed an engineer after an iPhone X hands-on video of his daughter went viral on YouTube, according to recent reports.

Here’s the full story –

Earlier this week, Brooke Amelia Peterson – daughter of the fired Apple employee – posted a vlog that included a trip to the campus of the tech giant to visit her father as well as see an unreleased flagship smartphone – the iPhone X. The video of the YouTuber was immediately caught on by the tech-based news sites like The Verge, 9to5Mac and became quite popular on the video streaming giant.

While Peterson was probably quite happy to have her video on sites like 9to5Mac, and shared even further on the streaming company, the happiness didn’t last long. Peterson should have taken an example from Microsoft – one should not unveil a product before its official release. One cannot – whether he is an employee at the company or related to the employee – share or even talk about a product that has not been released by the company yet.

This Apple employee unfortunately learned about this rule after the disaster happened. Brooke said in a follow-up video that she and her father were not angry at the tech company and understood why the smartphone making giant did what it did.

The employee, who was fired by the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, was an iPhone team member and his daughter took down the video just as the tech giant requested it. However, this take-down came too late as the clip already went viral and that led to innumerous commentary and reposts.

Why Apple’s decision was not wrong?

A flagship phone that has not been released yet is an important phone for the company. The iPhone X, which was an employee device, had important and sensitive information such as staff-specific QR codes and codenames for unreleased products. Also, at the Apple campus, you are not allowed to record video even at places like Caffè Macs.

By firing the engineer, the iPhone maker unintentionally did sent out a message that recording on campus is general prohibition, especially recording the pre-release devices. But, it is difficult not to feel bad for the employee, who must have worked hard for the phone and on the phone.