The iPhone X – the not-so-affordable flagship phone of Apple Inc. – is beginning its shipping on coming Friday. Almost everyone has high hopes for the iPhone X, which is priced at $999. The smartphone is undoubtedly an important device for the Cupertino-based iPhone making company.

Demand for the iPhone X is off the charts: Apple

The smartphone, which goes on sale this Friday, has a lot many features that were completely expected given its “reasonable” pricing. The $999 iPhone X proves that the iPhone maker can still innovate. The U.S. technology giant has been criticized a few times for not being the market leader when it comes to technology.

The iPhone X, which is also called iPhone 10 by some people, is packed with several high-end features. Several features of the iPhone X have been introduced by competitors like the South Korea-based smartphone maker Samsung. One of the most interesting features dubbed the FaceID system allows the user to unlock their phone with just a scan of their face. The FaceID system requires very advanced sensors that are present in the smartphone.

In addition to this, the smartphone maker has been innovating its own chips. The iPhone X has the A11 bionic chip that is made with the main objective to carry out tasks that require artificial intelligence. On Friday, in an interview to CNBC, the U.S.-based iPhone maker told that the demand for the smartphone device is off the charts.

Apple may not have sufficient phones to satisfy demand

The smartphone making giant, according to several reports, may not have enough iPhone X to satisfy the demand in the market. This means delayed deliveries of the smartphone for weeks. The customers who are looking for a cheaper iPhone model will go towards the iPhone 7 and who have enough money in their pocket will lean towards the iPhone X. The latter is happening more, according to our predictions.

What is worrying for the smartphone maker is whether it will be able to comply by the features that it promised during the launch of the iPhone. The iPhone making giant had showed off the AR capabilities of the iPhone X when the phone was released. Earlier this year, in an interview to CNBC, CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone will become even more essential with augmented reality.

More AR-based apps means more revenue stream for the tech giant. If AR is not able to impress people, then the bezel-less display of the phone should do the job.




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