Kazuhiro Tsuga – the Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic – told during an earnings call that the Model 3 production bottleneck of Tesla is now understood. The comment has been made by the executive before the release of the third quarter earnings report of the automaker.

Tesla’s model 3 production now understood: Panasonic CEO

On Tuesday, the news site Reuters noted in its report that the Panasonic CEO said during an earnings call that battery production output “could soon be increased.” Panasonic is operating a Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, with the electric car making giant jointly.

Tsuga’s comments came a day before the electric carmaker reported its Q3 earnings. The comments made by the CEO pointed towards the “production hell” that the automaker is facing as it endeavors to enter the world of mass production. The Wall Street Journal claimed earlier this month that the Model 3s that the automaker had delivered until now had major portions built by hand. This claim was – of course – denied by the automaker.

In an interview to reporters, the Panasonic CEO said, “This process (for battery packs) will be soon automated, and then the number of vehicles to be produced will rise sharply.” This further indicated that the battery pack production has not been automated at the Gigafactory.

The Q3 earnings call of Tesla will take place tomorrow afternoon.

Tesla turns to Wisconsin to allow its service centers and stores in the state

Many public battles of the automaker, like in North Carolina and in Michigan, to get the right to sell its vehicles to customers directly have been stalling. The electric car maker has now turned its focus to the state of Wisconsin, where a new bill is about to be introduced to let them open service centers and stores in the state.

Already, according to the online map of the automaker, it has over 8 supercharger stations in Wisconsin and it is planning to build many more. However, due to the ban of the state on the EV makers operating dealerships, the EV making company does not have a store or even a service center in the state. A Republican state senator and Republican state representative are about to bring a new bill to exempt the electric car making companies from the ban, according to a report of Local news.

The report said, “Rep. Rob Brooks, R-Saukville, and Sen. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, plan to hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon about a bill that would allow manufacturers of solely electric vehicles to sell directly to consumers.”